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Moulding Set in Gift Tin
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Moulding Set in Gift Tin
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All you need for arts, crafts, painting & more at

I made that myself! At you can buy loads of accessories at affordable prices for hours of painting and drawing fun! Little artists will rejoice!

Children can let their fantasy run wild through arts and crafts, as well as further develop their motor skills. It’s a great feeling when they hold their very own small finished artwork in their hands, which they are so proud to show to everyone and is a great memory that can be cherished for years to come.

The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso once said, “Everyone is an artist as a child. The difficulty lies in, remaining one as an adult”. You can overcome this difficulty during the time spent painting with your child – no sweat! Just let them pass on the creative torch! Even if your work doesn’t turn up in a Museum – you will definitely still have tonnes of fun!

At you can discover great painting ideas through the year and the materials to go with it from well-known manufacturers such as Hama, Schipper, or Play Doh, can also be bought online for great prices!

Whether you are looking for fresh-spring Easter decorations, scary decorations for a Halloween Party or exciting Craft Sets, these and more can all be found under Creative Trends. You can find information concerning all the latest trends in addition to creative ideas for original decorations and presents!

During summer, the garden offers unimaginably beautiful canvases for painting, when it is stormy autumn weather and cold as ice in winter, simply go inside and enjoy an afternoon of painting. In the weeks leading up to Christmas self-made Advents decorations, bring a festive feeling into your house. Others will also love the self-made Advents calendar and individual Christmas cards. Your child can make personalised gifts for occasions such as Mother’s Day and leave their piggy bank in peace.

At parties and celebrations arts and crafts activities are a big hit! Small guests can put together their very own treasure, and take it home later. Most importantly the adults have a bit of peace and quiet!

Under Material and Techniques not only can you buy affordable old favourites, you can also discover and try out new products. The possibilities for boys and girls to express their creativity are endless: how about designing a cute figure out of felt or their own workbench out of wood for little handymen? With the Napkin Decoupage you can make many beautiful decorations and the Teddy Stuffing Sets are guaranteed to be loyal and cuddly companions. The view out of the window is taken care of thanks to the embellishment with Window Colour bringing sunshine to a cloudy day. Under Beads and Jewellery you can find materials to design unique jewellery pieces - best friends won’t believe their eyes!

You know exactly what you want? In our category Creative Sets we have a collection of well-loved arts and crafts sets. Here you can sort by age sets such as Paint by Number with children’s favourite motifs, construction sets for little tinkerers, as well as classics such as ironing beads and many more.

We know children love colouring pictures in. Therefore we have a fantastic special service: downloadable Drawing Templates. Here you can download and print off many of your favourite stars for small artists to colour in!

You can order simply everything having to do with arts and crafts online at great and affordable prices! If you have any further questions to do with our products, our highly competent customer service team is on hand to help!

The team hopes you enjoy browsing and shopping at!