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The world of Play-Doh provides children limitless creative possibilities. Through their non-toxic moulding clay, children can re-mould an idea into a thousand new ones. Not only is Play-Doh non-toxic it also does not stain, great news for you parents, less mess equals less stress!

Play-Doh, 24-Pack
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Play-Doh, 24-Pack
from Hasbro
€ 17.99  instead of  € 29.99Click here!
(€ 9.37/1kg)
Play-Doh Modelling Kitchen
You save 20%!
Play-Doh Modelling KitchenHier klicken!
from Hasbro
€ 19.99  instead of  € 24.99Click here!
Play-Doh Party Tower
€ 6.99 
(€ 26.88/1kg)
Play-Doh Numbers and Letters Modelling Fun
€ 11.99 
Out of stock

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