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Kids' Mini Backpack, Crocodile
You save 24%!
Kids' Mini Backpack, Crocodile
from Lässig
€ 21.99  instead of  € 28.95Click here!
K24 Opaque Colours Paintbox, 24 Colours
You save 12%!
K24 Opaque Colours Paintbox, 24 ColoursHier klicken!
from Pelikan
€ 17.99  instead of  € 20.49Click here!
Boy's Painting Apron
€ 7.99 
Mini Farm Stamp Set,  17 Pieces
Mini Farm Stamp Set, 17 PiecesHier klicken!
€ 8.89 
abc Rotating Pencil, Blue
€ 8.99 
Turbocolour Fibre-Tip Pens Bucket, 96 Pens
You save 22%!
Turbocolour Fibre-Tip Pens Bucket, 96 PensHier klicken!
from LYRA
€ 15.99  instead of  € 20.50Click here!
my.pen Fountain Pen Light Green/Dark Green M, For Right Hand Use
€ 8.49  instead of  € 9.99Click here!
Clip-On Lamp, Football
You save 26%!
Clip-On Lamp, Football
€ 58.99  instead of  € 80.00Click here!
Fineliner Point 88, Case of 25
You save 40%!
Fineliner Point 88, Case of 25Hier klicken!
€ 14.99  instead of  € 24.99Click here!
GIOTTO Turbocolor Fibre-Tip Pens, 24 Colours
€ 4.99 
Turbomaxi Fibre-Tip Pens Bucket, 48 Pens
You save 19%!
Turbomaxi Fibre-Tip Pens Bucket, 48 PensHier klicken!
from LYRA
€ 15.99  instead of  € 19.75Click here!
Frido Firefighter: Rucksack
You save 18%!
Frido Firefighter: Rucksack
from sigikid
€ 22.99  instead of  € 27.99Click here!
Sammy Samoa: Rucksack
€ 25.99 
PUKY RS Rucksack
€ 25.99 
Sammy Samoa: Kindergarten Bag
You save 12%!
Sammy Samoa: Kindergarten Bag
from sigikid
€ 21.99  instead of  € 24.99Click here!
Mini Boys Stamp Set, 17 Pieces
Mini Boys Stamp Set, 17 PiecesHier klicken!
€ 9.49 

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We learn for life! For uncomplicated and affordable online shopping, has all the products for school your child will ever need!

On their first school day your child may barely be bigger than their own schoolbag and the road to end of school seems to be so far in the distance. Grammar and geography will be taught in the many school years to come, they will learn who Napoleon was and what the Pythagorean Theorem is. They will be able to understand the world better, as well as get to know themselves and discover where their strong points lie, what especially interests them and what career route they would like to take. The correct equipment is required for all of these demanding tasks! Luckily offers everything needed for school and learning from rucksacks to fountain pens through an uncomplicated and affordable shopping experience.

Ideally a new satchel should not only look the best in the class but also offer loads of storage space and be made from stable and long lasting materials. Under School Bags, Pencil Cases & more you can find a large selection of high quality school bags from Samsonite, Scout and many more with attractive designs, as well as useful and practical compartments. A modern carrying system and padding ensure your child's comfort, as well as protecting children’s sensitive backs. Important accessories such as pencil cases, sports bags, lunch boxes and drinking bottles, with designs to suit all, can be bought for great value at!

We have stationary galore from spiral notepads, to folders, pens, paper and many other accessories all devoted to helping your child practice their writing techniques. Encourage writing and drawing on some of our great chalk boards or wall stickers. Our bright palette of pens and markers from brands like Faber-Castell, Pelikan or Stabilo make for colourful pictures and drawings.

Under the category "Gift Ideas" you can find great ideas to fill up your kids school bags with or presents for the new school year!

You can easily find everything to do with school and learning at Our fantastic customer service team are also on hand to help you with any further questions you may have concerning your potential purchases!

The team hopes you enjoy browsing and shopping at!