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Wish List

Our service for you: The Wish List

How it works:

  • Create a new Wish List and save your details.
  • You can then browse the shop and select the articles that you or your child would like to receive.
  • Add an article to your Wish List by clicking on the "Add to Wishlist" link beneath the product picture.
  • You can add or delete more products to your Wish List at any time.
  • Send your Wish List via e-mail to friends and family so that they can choose the perfect gift for you.
  • Once a product from your Wish List has been purchased, this will be displayed for others to see.

Top Tips

SIMBA KIKA Rabbit Sing With Me Cuddly Toy
You save 33%!
SIMBA KIKA Rabbit Sing With Me Cuddly Toy
from Simba
€ 29.99
instead of   € 44.99
Pylone, 4 pcs
You save 38%!
Pylone, 4 pcs
from Hudora
€ 7.99
instead of   € 12.99
Kiddyscooter joey blue for MYTOYS
You save 25%!
Kiddyscooter joey blue for MYTOYSHier klicken!
from Hudora
€ 29.99
instead of   € 39.99
klein BOSCH Breakfast Set
You save 48%!
klein BOSCH Breakfast SetHier klicken!
from klein
€ 24.99
instead of   € 47.99