Carry Sling, berry 510 x 70 cm

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A baby sling can be used from the moment the baby is born. Baby slings encourage the child's development and ensure an increase in emotional, cognitive and motor skills.

The Carry Sling from Amazonas is woven (diagonal) in the recommended cross-body bind and therefore very resilient.

It is very important that the new-born child is carried in the spread-squat position.
A new born baby's back is slightly rounded and the hip joints are orientated forwards. The spread squat position supports this natural position. With the legs hanging down the child falls into an unphysiological position to support his/her back.
The hips take on the optimal position through the spread-squat position. The femoral head then sits perfectly in the middle of the acetebulum. Through the added movement stimuli the development of the hip joint is perfectly supported.
The carry sling's material snuggles so tightly against the baby's back that its back in its rounded position is supported.
The carry sling's canted ends make it easier to tie up.

- Dimensions (L/W): 510 x 70 cm
- Supports up to 15 kg
- Colour:

Material: 100% cotton, machine washable up to 60°C

- TEXTILES VERTRAUEN seal of approval - free of harmful substances according to the Eco-Tex Standard 100 (Testex Testing Institute, control number ZHGO 069166)