Wide-Necked Bottle, Anti-Colic, Girls, 260 ml, Size 1

by MAM
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The Wide-Necked Bottle Ant-Colic from MAM makes drinking easy, without air bubbles and foaming. The ventilation holes on the base of the bottle regulate the pressure balance and allow the nutrients to flow evenly. The wide bottle opening makes filling up and cleaning the bottle simple and uncomplicated!

The wide necked bottle can be converted into a self-sterilising bottle, put in the microwave and within 3 minutes become sterilised, ideal when it needs to be done quickly. Thanks to the seal platelets and cap the bottle is both hygienic and leak-proof. It also comes with a silicon-silk tip, allowing for a smoother feel.

Dishwasher proof and can be sterilized.

Capacity: 260 ml

The Wide-Necked Bottle Anti Colic meets the standard requirements EN 14350.

In compliance with Commission Directive 2011/8/EU of 28 January 2011, this product is free from Bisphenol A