Römer Baby-Safe Belted Base

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The new belt fastening Baby-Safe Belted Base for the Baby-Safe Plus (with locking bars) and Baby-Safe Plus SHR baby carriers from Römer guarantee safe and practical installation in all vehicles with 3-point belt systems. The base features a proven car belt clamping system from Römer and can be easily installed in the vehicle. The baby carrier can be easily removed from the base via the handle and the base can remain secured in the vehicle.


- Fix baby carrier easily to belted base
- Leg-support for additional stability
- Colour indicator displays when the baby carrier is attached securely
- Colour indicator for the correct position of the leg-support
- Rebound-plate with safety fixing optimises the force in an instance of rear impact
- Simply release the car seat from the adapter
- Adapter can be compactly folded up