Puzzle-Conserver Permanent Glue

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The Puzzle-Conserver Permanent is a special glue for Ravensburger jigsaws. The Puzzle Conserver can be used to fix, position and hang up jigsaws. The jigsaw picture is sealed and thus permanently retains its brilliant colour. The liquid glue is ready to use instantly and is applied directly from the bottle to the picture surface using a sponge to spread it evenly. The Conserver dries without leaving any streaks after just an hour.

The Puzzle-Conserver Permanent is suitable for the following jigsaws:
- For all Ravensburger standard jigsaw puzzles
- For jigsaw puzzles from the Star Line series
- For jigsaw puzzles from the Color Starline series
- For jigsaw puzzles from the Flokati series

The 200 ml bottle of Puzzle-Conserver Permanent is enough for 8 jigsaw puzzles, each containing 500 pieces, or for 4 jigsaw puzzles, each containing 1000 pieces, etc.