Addict-A-Ball 20 cm (Puzzle Ball and Game of Skill with 138 Sections)

by HQ
16,99 €
Delivery Time: 10 to 25 business days

The Puzzle Ball is a colourful labyrinth ball with a diameter of 20 cm. Warning: It's highly addictive!

Everyone knows the little labyrinth toys where the player manoeuvres a small silver ball through a labyrinth with many obstacles. This Puzzle Ball contains a complex labyrinth with colourful obstacles and slides. The route through the ball has 138 sections. The objective of the game is to manoeuvre the ball through all 138 sections of the labyrinth. A real challenge for young and old, constantly requiring circular thinking. The INVENTO HQ Puzzle Ball guarantees endless fun.

And if the ball falls off the track once, the whole game starts again.