Lamb Comforter

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These soft comforters are every baby's best friend when they need comforting. Made from molleton, cotton flannel and cotton towelling fabric, they are especially soft and snuggly. Machine washable at 30° C. Size: approximately 25 cm.

- Outer material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester/viscose/spandex/nylon
- Stuffing: 100% polyester


Cuddly Gorgonzola Mouse: this cute little mouse loves to comfort your little one at any time. Ideal for cuddling thanks to the soft cotton material.

Cuddle clown: cute colourful cuddly clown with rattle made from soft cotton velour. Size approx. 30 cm.

My First Nuckelpit: comforter with knots and tassels to suck and chew. Outer material: 100% cotton.

Play mat: this cute sailor bear comforts your little one in the first few months, and afterwards can be used as a normal play mat.