BRUDER 02445 TPS Caterpillar Mobile Excavator

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BRUDER, the company that owns the international CATERPILLAR licence for modelled toy vehicles made of plastic, is completing its CAT programme with a mobile excavator that is based on the original M315C.

In typical Bruder fashion, the mobile excavator is ideal for imitating the reality in play; the 2 support legs stabilise the excavator and make working safe. The articulated steering on the shovel arm aids working in small areas, and is also extremely versatile. The shovel arm locks in a compact transport position for safe road travel.

- The excavator attachment rotates by 360° on the turntable
- Detachable shovel
- Height-adjustable blade
- Adjustable shovel arm for road transport
- Two retractable supports
- Profiled tyres

- Dimensions: L44 cm x W17 cm x H27 cm

- Scale 1:16