Starter Set Steam Loco with Freight Cars

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The freight train starter set is the beginning of a world of fun playing with PIKO model railways. Here the new engine driver can win his first spurs on a small circular track and can practise loading and unloading as often as he or she likes.
The set includes:
1 x Steam loco
1 x Freight car
1 x Flat car with truck
1 x 2-axle tank car
12 x Curved track R2 422 mm
2 x Straight track 231 mm
1 x Power clip
1 x Speed control
1 x Adapter 5,4 VA
Floor space:
around 110 x 88 cm (3.6 ft. x 2.9 ft.)
Minimum floor space required 120 x 98 cm (3.9 ft. x 3.2 ft.)