Natural Love: Cherry Stone Cushion Elephant

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This funny elephant trumpets with his long trunk and makes his little patients laugh. When kids have tummy ache, earache or toothache, this cuddly cushion with a cherry stone pad soothes localised pain using heat or cold.

- Snuggly warmth: Remove cherry stone pad from the animal and heat up in the oven, microwave or by placing on a radiator.
- Soothing coolness: Wrap the cherry stone pad in a plastic bag and pop it into the ice compartment of your fridge for a short while
- Cuddly toy is washable (Please remove cherry stone pad first)
- Wool wash at 30°C
- Outer material: Cotton
- Stuffing: Pure new wool and removable cherry stone pad
- Size: 24cm

sigikid has a long tradition of setting very high standards of quality and design. In keeping with the motto "First Class for Kids", we only use materials that are non-toxic and safe to touch. Before a product is added to the collection it has to pass testing by both kids and their parents.