Puzzle Mat 36 pieces

49,99 €
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Puzzle mat 36 pieces

Colourful play mat from Playshoes, which can be played and relaxed on.
The puzzle mat consists of EVA material and is therefore free from all formamide and other pollutants.
This was confirmed by independent test institutes and also from trade journals such as "Ökotest" (Issue 12/2011).

The total of 36 colourful individual surfaces can be assembled in different forms. In no time, there's an individually styled play mat, a fantastic house or a tube.
With the removable numbers and letters your child can playfully learn the alphabet and one plus one.

All parts are washable and guarantee fun whether indoors or outdoors.

+ Made from EVA -free material
+ 36 pieces (30 x 30cm) make a complete surface area of 3.24 m²
+ Removable parts: Alphabet A-Z and numbers 0-9
- Dimensions of individual slabs: 30 x 30 x 1 cm
+ Delivered in reusable bag