BRUDER 02754 TPS MAN Crane Truck

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The tipping driver's cab of the MAN crane truck provides a view of the engine block. The mirror of the driver's cab can be folded out. The crane attachment can be tilted 360° and the crane jib can be extended by operating the turning wheel and the height adjusted by the hydraulics. The rope winch is fully functional using a crank handle. A release device slows down the discharging of loads. Four supports provide secure stand. Tread tyres and the included tool box complete the package. The light and sound module (equipment category H) can be attached to the MAN crane truck (not included).

- Tiltable driver's cab, allows engine block to be seen
- Folding outside mirrors
- Crane attachment pivotable at 360°
- Crane arm height adjustable by hydraulics
- Crane arm extendable via knob
- Rope winch fully functional using crank handle
- Fast discharging via release device
- 4 supports for stability
- 1 toolbox
- Tread tyres
- Compatible with the light and sound module (accessory category H)
- Made from high-quality plastic such as e.g. ABS
- Scale 1:16
- Dimensions: L43 cm x W18 cm x H24 cm