BRUDER 02769 TPS MAN Concrete Mixer Truck

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The tipping driver's cab of the MAN concrete mixer truck provides a view of the engine block. The driver's cab mirrors tilt outwards and the water tank can be filled with water. The drum with the integrated mixing spiral can be turned by a hand crank and the concrete chute folded down. A bucket is included in the delivery, and there are tread tyres to complete the picture. Can be combined with the accessory categories H and M to add to the play.

- Tilting driver's cab gives a clear view of the engine block
- Folding exterior mirrors
- Water tank can be filled with water
- Drum turns by means of a hand crank
- Fold down concrete chute and bucket
- Fully functional hose
- Profiled tyres
- Made of high-quality plastic such as e.g. ABS
- Scale 1:16
- Dimensions approx. 46.5 x 17.5 x 26.5 cm
- Compatible with accessory categories H and M