BRUDER 02058 TPS John Deere 6920 with Body Tipper

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Like all tractors in the Pro series, a front loader can be attached to this authentic tractor, which can also be fitted with twin tyres (not included in delivery). The engine cover opens to reveal the engine block. The all-terrain swing front axle can be controlled by the steering wheel in the driver's cab and by a handle (included) that children can attach to the steering wheel through the sliding roof on the driver's cab. The tipper of the dump-body trailer tilts up, which opens the tailgate. The grain outlet slide can be used when changing the pole. Profiled tyres complete the picture.

All of the many existing trailers and trailer equipment in the Pro series can be combined with the John Deere 6920 tractor in order to help budding farmers understand how to work the fields and crop production.

The dump-body trailer can be fitted with any tractors of the Pro series and MB-Unimogs (not included in delivery).


- Engine compartment opens
- Detachable front weight with hydraulic lowering mechanism
- Steerable with parent handle through the tractor's sliding roof
- Steerable all-terrain swing front axle
- Profiled tyres
- Can be combined with all trailers and machinery in the Pro series
- Compatible with accessory categories A and E

Dump-body trailer:
- Movable tipper
- Tailgate opens automatically whilst moving up
- Grain outlet slide can be used to change the pole
- Profiled tyres
- Can be combined with all tractors of the Pro series and MB-Unimogs

- Made of high-quality plastic such as e.g. ABS
- Scale 1:16
- Dimensions: L 67 cm x W 16.5 cm x H 17.7 cm