Baby Food Warmer For Home And Car

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Whether you are at home or on the move - when little ones get hungry, things must always happen quickly. Thanks to the patented PTC technology, this baby food warmer heats up the food for your child to the optimum temperature in just 6-8 minutes, but it uses less power than conventional models. It is also flexible: Its water bath can accommodate not just normal baby bottles, but also wide-neck and grip bottles. You can easily set the optimum temperature using the self-explanatory, infinite thermostat scale. Vital vitamins and nutrients are preserved during the heating process thanks to the advanced heating technology. Once the set temperature is reached, the baby food warmer automatically keeps the contents at an even temperature throughout.

- Modern PTC heating guarantees rapid, safe and energy-saving preparation
- Easy to warm up in water bath
- Infinitely adjustable thermostat with self-explanatory scale
- Saves you time; only takes 6-8 minutes to warm up to 37°C
- Preparation is kind to the food; vital vitamins and nutrients are preserved
- Neutral odour and taste
- Easy to clean
- Automatically stays warm once the desired temperature is reached
- Burnout and overheating impossible
- Certified German quality; all materials are free of hazardous substances in line with European ROHS Standard
- Tested for safety
- Cable length: 80 cm
- Incl. little glass holder and adapter for the car
- Colour: Apricot
- Power output at 200 volts: 90 watts.
- Power output in 12 volt auto mode: 80 watts.
- Made in Germany