One-Hole Teats For Newborns, Pack of Two

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The wide shape and material of the AVENT teat encourage your baby to open its mouth wide and to wrap its lips around the teat - just as if its was attaching itself to your breast. Your baby will suck with the same tongue and mouth movements as with breastfeeding. This makes it so easy to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding with AVENT.

It is noted for its unique sealing system. A valve on the bottom end of the teat opens so that the milk in the bottle can be replaced with air. As the baby sucks, the resulting vacuum is replaced by air. Your baby can suck continuously without having to take a break.
A quiet whistling noise indicates to you that air is flowing into the bottle and is not passing into your baby's stomach. For air is the main cause of discomfort, screaming fits and colicky flatulence.

AVENT teats are made from soft, pure silicone and their shape and function are modelled on the mother's breast. Naturally breastfed infants accept the AVENT bottle more easily than other bottles. This makes it possible to combine breast and bottle without any problems. AVENT teats never slip in, and it is scientifically proven that they reduce the incidence of colic in newborns.

The engraving on the side of the teat indicates the number of holes in the teat:

- one hole -
Suitable for newborns and babies who are breastfed. Also suitable for tea.