BRUDER 03041 Fendt with Front Loader "936 Vario"

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The Fendt 936 Vario model is a new addition to the large tractor 03000 range. It has the same characteristics as the other models in this large tractor range such as fully glazed cabins with doors which can be opened, a removable front weight, an all-terrain swing front axle and a height adjustable tow-bar. The unique play/steering system with steering wheel extension through the cabin roof also makes this tractor very easy to steer for kids despite the cabin glazing.

All agricultural trailers and work equipment from BRUDER are of course compatible with this tractor. Accessories categories C, E and K are also compatible.

- Cabin with full glazing from transparent and high quality polycarbonate and doors which can be opened
- Tow-bar with height adjustable hoisting gear
- Engine compartment can be opened
- Removable and fully functional front loader
- Removable front weight with settling hydraulics
- Steerable via handle bar through the tractor retractable roof
- Steerable and all-terrain swing axle
- Tread tyres
- Can be combined with all trailers and work equipment from the professional range
- Compatible with accessories from categories C, E, K
- Made from high-quality plastic such as e.g. ABS
- Scale 1:16
- Dimensions: L44.5 cm x W17.5 cm x H20 cm.