BRUDER 03051 John Deere Tractor 7930 with Front Loader

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It has the same characteristics as the other models of these large tractors, including all-glass driver's cabs with doors that open, detachable front weight, all-terrain swing front axle and a height-adjustable trailer coupling. Thanks to the unique play/steering system with an steering extension through the cab roof, this tractor is extremely easy for children to steer despite the all-glass cab. The John Deere tractor can be combined with any TOP Pro and Pro series trailer.

- All-glass driver's cab made of high-quality transparent polycarbonate with functioning doors
- With height-adjustable hoist
- Engine compartment opens
- Front loader is detachable and fully functional
- Detachable front weight with hydraulic lowering mechanism
- Attachment for front loader
- Steerable with parent handle through the tractor's sliding roof
- Steerable all-terrain swing axle
- Profiled tyres
- Can be combined with all trailers and machinery in the Pro series
- Compatible with accessory categories C, E and K
- Made of high-quality plastic such as e.g. ABS
- Scale 1:16
- Dimensions: L44 cm x W17.5 cm x H20.5 cm