abc Rotating Pencil, Blue

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The LAMY abc pencil for learning to write
This very child-friendly instrument for learning to write is correctly designed according to educational principles. The ergonomic shape is ideal for the first writing lessons with block letters. It is especially well-suited for beginning school lessons, as the broad letter formation of the pencil for learning to write encourages the beginning writer to press down with less force.

The pencil for learning to write can accompany the child as a first writing instrument for years. This is no disposable instrument, but is instead refilled with thick, very non-breakable leads. This can be sharpened for finer writing, when, for example, writing on narrower lines. The lead is pushed forward with the robust rotation mechanics and can not slide out. In addition to the standard lead, there are also red, green and blue leads. The cube at the end prevents it from rolling off the table. There is also room here for the first initials of the name for identification purposes.

- Refillable rotating pencil of maple wood
- Plastic cube at the end of the housing
- With ergonomic grip and soft, non-slip grip indentations for a secure grip
- With thick, non-breakable 3.15 mm pencil leads
- With name stickers