Adhesive Jungle Border

19,99 €
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Kids love stickers.
Walls, furniture, mirrors - they want to decorate as much as possible.

This is no problem with the innovative RoomMates®!
RoomMates® stick to all smooth surfaces. They can be easily removed without annoying adhesive residues. Therefore they can be replaced and redecorated at any time.
There are no limits to your imagination with the countless motifs.

RoomMates® uses unique microsphere technology which guarantees that the product sticks and can yet be removed without any effort, without annoying adhesive residues or damaging the subsurface.

- Suitable for all smooth surfaces such as toys, ceramics, on outdoor materials, wood, metals, cork, plastic, mirrors, window panes, cars
- Also suitable for spray water areas and wood chip wallpaper
- Washable
- Easy redecorating possible (tip: keep original backing paper!)

- For use on delicate surfaces or wallpapers, test in unobtrusive area
- If the RoomMates® don't stick anymore (e.g. due to dust), simply rinse under clear water, leave to dry and use once more

"Jungle" motif border © Sapna; licensed by T.S.B. & Co.
approx. 12.8 cm x 4.57 cm