Socket Caps, 5 Pieces

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Often parents cannot or do not want to attach permanent socket protection.
In these cases the socket caps are ideal. They safely cover sockets and can only be removed by using a plug. The socket caps are perfectly suitable for travelling since they can be re-used over and over again. This also makes them ideal for rented flats, hotel rooms and holiday flats.

As the only socket caps on the market, the reer caps are type-approved. This ensures that the product complies with all relevant standards and strict testing and quality assurance measures have been carried out. This also includes continuous monitoring of the production sites.

- Quickly mounted without screws or adhesive
- Can only be removed with a plug
- Fits all 230 V mains voltage sockets
- Re-usable at any time
- Ideal for holiday or rented flats and hotels

- Made of shatter-proof, extremely heat-resistant special plastic - Type-approved socket protection

- Colour: White
- Contents: 5 pieces