Travel Baby Electric Kettle

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The first electric kettle especially developed for baby's nutrition combines innovative technology, high-quality processing and an appealing design. Thanks to its size the electric kettle is easy to store at home and on journeys.

The maximum filling quantity of 500 ml is especially adapted to the capacity of baby drinking bottles. A flat stainless steel bottom heater replaces the conventional heating coil to enable quick and even heating up of even the smallest amounts. The extra small spout ideally fits onto baby bottle filler holes and enables controlled and comfortable pouring.

Technical details:
- Brushed, stainless steel
- Ergonomic handle for right and left-handers
- Integrated reset button for re-boiling
- Easy-to-clean flat stainless steel bottom heater without a heating coil
- Evenly warms up the smallest amounts in seconds
- High safety standard due to multiple-level safety shut-off
- Device automatically switches off at reaching the boiling point
- Integrated steam sensor
- Dry-running protection: - Automatic shut-down at low water level
- Safety lid protects boiling water from sloshing
- Re-heating possible after cool-down
- Status control lamp informs about operating state

- Capacity: 500 ml
- 1000 Watt heating power
- Switchable to 110/230 Volt as a travelling device
- Cord length: 70 cm incl. safety plug

- Tested safety