Stainless Steel Insulation Bottle 0.5 L

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Little ones also want to be well cared for when you're on the go. Keep baby food or water for milk formula warm for hours with the 500 ml insulation bottle. If you insert water of 100°C it will still be 40°C after 24 hours, normal drinks will keep warm for up to 8 hours. The shatter-proof Thermos jug made of 18/10 stainless steel is also perfectly suitable for keeping liquid cool. The filling quantity is laid out exactly for 4 small baby bottles. Thanks to the well thought out click safety lid you won't have to screw and unscrew the bottle but easily open it with one hand.

The product is quality tested.

- Keeps the contents of 4 small baby bottles warm for hours
- Insert hot water and prepare tasty meals for the little ones using milk formula wherever you are
- Filling temperature of 100°C will still be 40°C after 24 hours
- Keeps drinks warm for up to 8 hours
- Also perfectly suitable for keeping drinks cool
- Made of shatter-proof 18/10 stainless steel on the inside and outside
- Practicable one-hand safety lid enables opening with only one hand and comfortable pouring
- 500 ml filling capacity