PlayMais Book: My 1st Creations

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Natural crafts!

PlayMais is a natural product which even the smallest kids can use imaginatively while creating and tinkering about with their hands.

The PlayMais principle is really simple:
Using corn flour building blocks that stick when they are wet, kids can stick together shapes and anything else that their imaginations produce. No other handicraft tools required. The building blocks can be torn, cut, shaped, pressed, pasted, and pulled. Use the building blocks to decorate drawings and pictures on paper or cardboard; ornament glass window-pictures - or even flower pots. The included sticks can be used as the axles of small vehicles or as connectors. The design possibilities are unlimited.

PlayMais stimulates your child's creativity while also developing their motor skills, and guarantees a rapid sense of achievement.

PlayMais is manufactured on the basis of corn meal and water and dyed using food colouring, which makes it 100% biologically degradable, completely harmless to health and free from any harmful substances.

A 32-page book with inspirations for all the things you can make from PlayMais. The illustrations show numerous, smaller handicraft projects, which can be expanded into entire playworlds. Let yourself be inspired by the illustrations of actual crafted animals, vehicles, plants, people, and other pretty trifles!