BuggyBoard Maxi, Black - Extension

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With the BuggyBoard Maxi attached to your pushchair or stroller, you have the perfect combination for stress-free trips. The BuggyBoard Maxi makes your child safer in overcrowded places and where there's a lot of traffic. If your child is too tired to walk, or if you're in a hurry, the BuggyBoard Maxi makes life easier for both of you.

The supplied attachable extensions mean that the length of the BuggyBoard's arms are adjustable. The BuggyBoard connectors are also infinitely adjustable for pushchair frame circumferences of up to 22.5 cm, so that the BuggyBoard can be attached without difficulty to almost any pushchair, stroller or buggy.

You can check whether the BuggyBoard can be fitted to your pushchair on the website http://ww.buggyboard.info/category.php.

- Max. load: 20 kg
- Flexible connectors for frame circumference up to 22.5 cm
- Can be simply hooked on and off the pushchair
- Width-adjustable (31 - 54 cm)
- Height-adjustable (max. height 35 cm)
- Non-slip surface
- Can be folded up easily
- Castor suspension
- Large wheels
- Lots of foot space (15 cm)
- Includes extension and connector