Baby Phone Eco Control+ DECT 267 with a Display

by NUK
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If you have to let your little darling out of your sight, the Baby Phone Eco Control DECT 267 will make you feel safe. Thanks to the DECT technology your baby phone is 100 % failure-free and provides high transmission reliability.
The baby phone has three operating modes:
- Normal operation (level 1-4)
In normal operating mode the baby unit interrupts the transmission as soon as the kid is quiet. The two units carry out connection tests in regular intervals. This reduces the radiation exposure in your kid's surroundings.
- VOX mode / maximum sensitivity (level 5)
In this setting the microphone is constantly activated. Thanks to the DECT technology the baby unit (sender) constantly searches for the parents' unit (receiver) and transmits every sound without time delay.
- Full ECO mode
In this mode the device does not give off any high-frequency radiation. Your kid is constantly and safely monitored at minimum radiation intensity. It suppresses the control / status check signals between the sender and the receiver so that no high-frequency radiation is emitted at all as long as the baby is quiet. The baby unit is not activated until your baby makes a noise - then it directly contacts the parents' unit.

The baby phone comes along with a temperature sensor. In the case of greater temperature variations the parents' unit is immediately informed.

- Reach of up to 300 m outside resp. 50 m (indoors)
- Intercom function - constant contact also from further away:
- Crystal clear intercom function for calming your baby
- LCD display and night light as well as 5 programmed lullabies
- Electricity operation also possible
- Parents' unit requires two AAA batteries (included in the delivery)
- Baby unit requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included in the delivery)