BRUDER 02750 MAN TGA Tow Truck

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BRUDER 02750 MAN TGA tow truck with cross-country vehicle

This tow truck gets cars out of tricky situations. In order to rescue vehicles, the loading platform can be lowered and the lifting crane extended and tilted. Includes a wheel lift and loading tackle consisting of chains and wheel clamps for safe, fast recovery. Wheel chocks and fold-down supports provide additional safety; profiled tyres complete the picture.

The tilting driver's cab of the Bruder MAN truck gives clear views of the engine block, and the cab mirrors can be folded in. The engine compartment of the all-terrain vehicle opens, and the windscreen folds down. The all-terrain vehicle can also be steered.

- Item no.: 02750
- Size: approx. 49.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 25.5 cm
- Scale 1:16