BRUDER 02224 Krone Zettwender KWT 8.82 Turning Machine

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Krone Zettwender KWT 8.82 from BRUDER.

Effective operation is becoming more and more important in all areas of agriculture. In the area of grassland work, the Krone Zettwender KWT 8.82 sets the standard. Even working together with small tractors, it can cover large working areas thanks to the specially developed design of the arms. The BRUDER model is a detailed replica of the original and can be combined with all tractors in the Pro series. The multiple-folding rotary arms can also be folded in on the model, whilst the wheels that are swung up for field work can be folded down too. Safe and quick road transport from field to farm or vice versa is thus ensured. The BRUDER model is characterized by individually driven rotors, which move like the original in pairs against each other. The counter-rotating rotor teeth (moving clockwise and anti-clockwise) are painted in different colours by Krone. According to the motto that the small scale should be just like the large scale, this colour coding can also be found on the model.

- Details:

General information:
- Made of high-quality plastic such as e.g. ABS
- Made in Germany
- Scale 1:16
- Size (L/W/H): 59.1 x 22.1 x 11.6 cm
- Recommended age: 4 and above
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor playing

- 8 driven rotors
- Rotary arms can be folded into two segments on each side
- Wheels can be swivelled down for transport
- Colour coding of the opposite turning rotor
- Compatible with all tractors in the Pro series, especially the
3000 series (not included)