Pacifier Perfect, silicon, Size: 2+. Boys

by MAM
5,99 €
Delivery Time: 10 to 25 business days

The symmetrical pacifier Perfect from MAM was developed together with orthodontists and children’s dentists, in order to reduce tooth misalignment. Thanks to Dento-Flex the pacifier has a special thin and smooth neck – so teeth have space in which to grow and the risk from misalignment is diminished. The tip is smooth and fits extremely well. The skin is well aired, thanks to the generous air holes and skin irritation in and around the mouth is minimised via the bumps on the inner side of the pacifier.

The patented pacifier from MAM feels very smooth. The material is slip proof so the dummy stays in baby’s mouth.

Include: 1 x Silicon- Pacifier Size 1 for babies from 0-6 months

The pacifier meets the requirement standards EN 14350.

In compliance with Commission Directive 2011/8/EU of 28 January 2011, this product is free from Bisphenol A