Small Starter Set, Unisex

by MAM
22,99 €
Delivery Time: 10 to 25 business days

The Starter-Set from MAM is the ideal gift for a newborn; it includes everything necessary for the perfect start. On the front side of the package the newborn’s name can be added, as well as who it is from.

The set includes:

- 1 wide-necked bottle Anti-Colic, 260 ml
- 2 wide-necked bottle Anti-Colic, 160 ml
- 1 pacifier Start, silicon, size 0
- 1 pacifier Clip.

The included products meet the standard European requirements EN 1400 (pacifier), EN 14350 (bottles) and EN 12586 (pacifier Clip).

In compliance with Commission Directive 2011/8/EU of 28 January 2011, this product is free from Bisphenol A